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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Jubba Strikes Again

Jubba thought it appropriate to shout at me this morning and to accuse me of palming things off on him, regardless of the fact that information was specifically requested from him. He then proceeded to take out his anger on quite a few other people including the kitchen staff who decided to report him. Apparently he got into trouble. He did come and apologize not long after he had me crying at my desk (I'm hormonal, OK?), but that didn't make me feel better. You cannot unsay things.

Since the incident I feel OK. I resolved my problem without his assistance and will endeavour to do so in future. Heaven forbid anyone should ask him to do something.

A contractor called me today to make and appointment to come and fix the lights in our unit. Now that I've cancelled they want to come and fix the lights. Typical. I don't mind that they come and fix it at all and I will accommodate them with pleasure. One less thing that is broken for them to blame on us in my opinion.

I'm starting to get excited about moving. Every night I take a shower and the floor is covered in water I look forward to not having to deal with that anymore. Every time I flip the bedroom light switch and the light doesn't go on, I smile at the thought of having working lights (Eskom willing). All the little things that bothered me that I will be rid of are making me excited. It will also be sad as Rudi and I have memories there. We got married while living there...we are so happy living away from My Evil Mother that almost all our memories there are good...but the pros will outweigh the cons.

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