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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Move

I was contacted on Monday (the public holiday) and advised that I should go directly to the new building and start working there on Tuesday.

I was super excited. It was all a little surreal. Coming to work, having to cross the busy road to get into the building (in the dark!) and then trying to find my way in the new building. As you probably noticed from the pictures I posted, our part of the office is decorated with bright orange so it wasn't too difficult to spot where we sit.

I have a brand new PC with a 19 inch flat screen monitor. The box of my machine is mounted on the back of my monitor to optimize space. I'm sure I mentioned that our desks are smaller - this alleviates that a little bit.

Not all of our colleagues have moved over yet and we are excited to have the whole team here. There's a "Welcome to the New Building" party scheduled soon too. That should be fun! We also received little cakes in a decorative box on our desks for our arrival - the cake was delicious!

I'm pretty settled in and most of my teething problems are sorted out. I just need to sort out one or two more things and I will be golden. Problem is we are currently having some system issues across the board (those who have moved and those who haven't) which is causing some strain on our operational requirements. I hope they get it sorted out soon so that we can move everyone over and party!

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