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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Rant Over

OK. I've calmed down since yesterday. I decided to stop being such an idiot. How stupid would it be to jeopardize a good friendship over jealousy? I need to stop being irrational and take control of my emotions. Especially the green one. It's always causing trouble.

I've had a headache since yesterday morning. Someone seems to have decided that my head would ache incessantly and no amount of painkillers seems to be killing it (although I'm sure that it's killing my stomach lining at the very least).

We're moving offices next Tuesday/Wednesday and I'm quite looking forward to a change of scenery. I'll also not be sitting next to the same people. This should change my day at work quite significantly. I'm interested to see how things are going to be and how team dynamics will change once our environment does.

I've taken pictures of both offices for comparison. I'll post them soon. I also want to post some of the photos I've been taking with my new camera. One or two of my favourites. I am by no means a photographer, but I have a few shots that I am proud of.

I am really tired and this headache is not helping. I'm going to go take out my frustration on one or two customers. Kidding.

I'm seriously considering giving notice to move from where we live. Trying to find a new place that will hold all our stuff at a reasonable price is proving to be really difficult. We currently have a small enclosed yard and a garage - this is nearly impossible to find in our price range. I really like living in our complex. We get along well with everyone there, excluding Crack Head, of course. I never have to worry if I don't have milk and if I'm locked out of my house I don't feel like I am intruding. All good things come to an end though and I'm wondering if it's time to move on.

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