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Monday, 14 April 2008

She's Psychotic

She's psychotic and if a car ran over her today I would not shed a tear.

No, I'm not referring to my mother, but rather a customer that just keeps coming back. This woman has been told time and time again that she is wrong and that we are right. Her query has travelled the entire company and the Internet (various complaint sites). Management gets sick of her threats and screaming and offers her compensation as 'gestures of goodwill' and sure enough she's back again.

I assisted this woman's husband with his original query and because it was taking long to resolve offered him compensation. This was a mistake. She's been back claiming the same problem ever since. I keep telling management to stop giving her 'free stuff' because she'll keep coming back. Why do anything else? She's getting all this free usage, why not complain again? Why not scream again? Like Dr. Phil always says 'You teach people how to treat you'. All we are teaching this lady is that if you scream enough and slander us enough on the Internet, we'll give you free stuff.

I will just follow management's orders to avoid a disciplinary hearing for insubordination. She'll be back. Mark my words.

Speaking of psychos, I suppose it's apt that I update you on what is happening with My Evil Mother. She is currently still sponging off of my aunt and uncle. Their child is sleeping on the floor to give the woman a bed. She's still with her boyfriend, Coke Head, who slept with someone we are kind of related to by marriage. She says she is fine with that. She now says she is just using him so she can get a lift to work, until she "gets on her feet" (FYI: She's been 'getting on her feet' for 3 years now). I'm so sick of it. My grandmother said to me this morning "You're going to have a big problem when she is old and needs someone to take care of her. She has no money saved, no pension, no future". Really? There are tons of government funded old age homes where I think she'll be really comfortable. Maybe I should send her some brochures to show her what her future will be like.

For the history of My Evil Mother, click here.

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