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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I win!

I am all chuffed today. I beat the load shedding this morning. Eskom is right when they say it's easier if load shedding is scheduled. The first time it happened I was lost. I got soap in my eye and had nothing to light the candles with.

The second time it happened I had a lighter and some tea light candles which alleviated the problem. This morning when it happened I was already done! I got up 30 minutes earlier and did all the things I need light to do. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed my hair, picked out my clothes and put make-up on. It was perfectly timed as the electricity switched off exactly when it was supposed to and I was done.

I then crawled back into bed for a 30 minute snooze while Rudi was getting ready in the dark. It pays to plan!

We also received a free gift from work today (pictured above). It's a book lamp which is awesome! I love to read and sometimes wish to read when Rudi wants to sleep. Rudi can't sleep if the light is on, or even if the bed lamp or TV are on. Now I should be able to read even if he wants to sleep.

My week is almost over. I took leave for Friday and Monday because my weekend ahead is so busy. Hopefully I can get some rest.

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