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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


This entire week has been such a waste of time! We have so many public holidays in this week that there are only two working days...for normal folks that is.

Monday - Public Holiday (I was off)
Tuesday - Work (half day then spa)
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Public Holiday (I will be off)
Friday - Public Holiday (Working)
Saturday - Work (I will be working)
Sunday - Work (I will be working)

Because our company stipulated somewhere in their license agreement (15 years ago) that they will service the public 24/7/365 we're stuck working public holidays and weekends. I'm working Friday (alone), Saturday and Sunday (with one colleague's help). Balls.

Our anniversary was really nice. We spent the entire weekend at Boogaloo and Voldemort's house looking after their pets. Their pets are pretty high maintenance, one in particular. Their dog, Macy, has serious abandonment issues and requires attention 150% of the time. She also sleeps in the bed with them. Luckily Amber sleeps in bed with us so it is not something that freaks us out too much.

Rudi took me out to dinner on our anniversary. We ate at the Cattle Baron in Tableview. Rudi ordered champagne for us. He's never done that before. The food was really good and we enjoyed each other's company. We stayed at Boogaloo's house till Monday and headed home.

Yesterday I came in to work, but my team only worked till 12 so that we could venture off to our team reward at the spa.

There wasn't any food for us and we needed to wait quite long as they could only take 3 of us at a time for our full body exfoliation and hot stone massage. While we waited for the first group to come out we spent time in the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and heated swimming pool. Swimming makes you hungry. There was a bowl of fruit, but fruit doesn't really satisfy my hunger for long periods of time. The massage was really good. I'm actually a little sore today, but that is to be expected.

I'm having a a lot of trouble motivating myself to work today. I'll be off tomorrow again, but it is my last day off for the next 8 days. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Now I am looking forward to our weekend away in Knysna. No disturbances, nobody wanting to drop by. I want to go and see the Knysna elephants and I'm sure Rudi will want to go and eat oysters by the ton (I can't stand the stuff...*shudder*).

I suppose if I don't finish my work now I'm going to regret it later.


OMG I feel like I've just seen a ghost! A lady that used to work with us who practically fell off the face of the earth just walked into our office. I haven't seen her in years! YEARS! We used to spend time together outside of work and got to know each other as friends, we weren't super close but we were friends. She then left the company and we never heard from her again. We spoke amongst ourselves (as little as one week ago) wondering aloud where she might be. Weird how that works.

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