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Friday, 04 April 2008

So tired

I really wish I could come up with more catchy headings for my posts. Especially since they are flashing on my awesome headline animator. *sigh*

It's finally weekend and I'm really tired. I feel like I could hit the hay as soon as I get home at 16:30. Maybe I should take a nap and get up later to socialize. Actually that might be a bad idea because I usually wake up grumpy.

Somehow I don't get any rest on a weekend. It's the only time I get time off from work, but I generally feel just as tired on a Monday as I did on Friday. I feel like I need a week of leave. Just doing NOTHING. It seems like a waste of leave, really. It's not like I don't get time off...I get weekends off, some weekends at least.

There are talks of us having to work 'shifts' again. I've only recently moved to a department that doesn't work shifts. I've been working shifts since 2000 up until 2007. Somehow having time off in the week just gives you so much more REST. It also gives you the ability to do things that aren't really convenient to do on the weekend like going to the bank.

The department is up in arms about this looming change, but I'm not sure how much good it will do. I'm completely torn about this. On the one hand I feel like I'll be more rested. On the other hand I'll lose the majority of my off weekends. Working shifts is balls for spending time with your loved ones. One person in our department nearly lost his wife because of shift work, they are now back together as he is working office hours. It can really cause problems in your relationship.

I've run out of time! Be back Monday!

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