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Thursday, 17 April 2008


As you can see from the picture, I am working with the Village People today. This guy is generally very funny, he makes me laugh. He has great comedic timing and a dry sense of humour that I can appreciate. He also tries his hand at physical humour at times which is hilarious. Someones phone will start ringing with some funky ring tone in the office and he'll jump out of his chair and start jiving like a dork. You have to see it! Maybe I'll get a video clip one day and post it.

Rudi is upset with me and it's thrown my entire day off. I suppose if it has done that I'm wrong - Yes, I can admit when I'm wrong - for those of you who weren't sure. I do think that he is overreacting and that he doesn't need to be concerned about what he is concerned about, but I have to respect his feelings and his point of view. I'll be trying to modify my behaviour to make him feel more and ease. We don't need any problems with so little time till our anniversary (26 April).

I'm on leave tomorrow and Monday with two jam packed days in between. I'm going to stay in my pyjamas tomorrow and watch movies and sleep as much as possible. I can't remember the last time I've been able to do that.

Here's to sloth!


Unknown said...

Must be nice to work with someone like that. Well mostly i guess. At least he keeps it entertaining in an otherwise boring place.

Good luck with Rudi. At least you know why he is upset. The worst is not knowing why they are upset and having to drag it out. Enjoy your off day tomorrow.

acidicice said...

Hi Michelle

Thank you for your comment, I think you're the only reader that has commented on the new blog. I suppose I can't call it new anymore...

He is generally nice to work with, but he has his moods. Everybody has a dark and light side I suppose.

I'm going to enjoy my day tomorrow for sure!

Thanks...I'll keep you updated on the Rudi situation :)

Anonymous said...

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