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Thursday, 07 August 2008

Good News

My grandfather’s operation went well. He doesn’t have a bag which is a huge bonus. The bad news is that the spots on his liver were caused by the cancer and he will need to have chemotherapy for 6 months. The doctor said that should clear everything up though. I don’t wish chemotherapy on my worst enemy. The way I understand it they literally pump poison into your body to kill the cancer and it makes you very sick. He is strong though. He will get through this. I’m just really happy that the operation went well. I was very nervous about him being under anaesthetic as he’s not young anymore and there can be complications.

I was feeling really rough last night. I was sore all over. My uterus feels like it’s blowing up. Apparently it’s the size of a grapefruit now and I can really say that I can feel there is something swollen beneath my skin. There’s no more denying it. Over and above the nausea I now FEEL pregnant. I really feel sorry for Rudi at times. I’m sure I bite his head off over trivial things and moan about him moving in bed next to me because I’m afraid I’ll throw up or my breasts are really sensitive. Good times.

I’m so tired of working it’s not funny. When I came in this morning I noticed I had 3 irate customers in my list. They can all really just kiss my ass. I’m not in the mood for know-it-all customers shouting and swearing at me and not taking “no” for an answer. The customer is not always right. Sometimes they are just downright unreasonable and full of crap. One of said customers is complaining about a product he doesn’t use and is singing the praises of our competitor. He’s not even really asking a question. So I should phone him and explain the business rules, etc. to him? Why? He doesn’t seem interested. On the other hand, this is my job and I get paid to do it. I think I get paid well to do it too. So I guess I should just be grateful I have a job which grants me opportunities that others cannot dream of.*

*This little bit of perspective came after me getting breakfast and mulling it over. I really should watch my mouth. I run it off in the heat of the moment.

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ExMi said...

glad to hear things are going better with gramps.

and it's kak you're having such a kak time being pregnant - i know all about it - that's why i didn't even blog much at the time, because i was so miserable....

anyway, check out my blog, i tagged you in a cool meme! (a new one, not the RTD one!)