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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Murder By Hormones

Rudi is really lucky that he was not standing at the top of the stairs last night. I would have pushed him. Where do I start?

Before Rudi left for darts last night (he plays in a league) Amber brought me a gift. A gift in the form of a bleeding little field mouse. She promptly dropped it on the bed and continued to chase the poor thing around. Once I realized she was really chasing something I jumped up screaming. Rudi rescued the poor thing, much to Amber's dismay.

I was feeling really sick last night and took new bedding out with every intention of putting it on the bed, but I never really felt up to it. I noticed that the housekeeper had removed the bucket I keep next to the bed for emergencies and send Rudi an SMS to please bring the bucket up when he got home. The bucket was in the garage and I had already showered and gotten into my PJ's when I made the discovery.

I managed to doze off at about 21:30 and was thoroughly enjoying my sleep. Rudi came ambling in at almost 23:00 (which is normal). He came up the stairs - a bit merry - and woke me up to ask me where the bucket was. I mumbled that it was in the garage and proceeded to try and sleep. He then woke me up again to ask me 'What's this on the bed?' - referring to the bedding I had taken out and not put on the bed. The light was on and he was perfectly capable of seeing what was on the bed. When I didn't answer him he repeated the question. Enraged I got up since I had realized that I needed to pee at this point.

He then HOPPED into bed. My stomach was aching and I was feeling really ill. It felt like he was jumping up and down on the bed next to me. I voiced my dismay - at which point he was fed up with my bitching and finally he let me go to sleep. He also left the bucket downstairs. I don't know why he bothered getting it.

At that very moment I really would have seriously injured him had I not felt incapacitated myself.

Co-incidentally I had to get up at 3:30 again to pee. Pregnant women are supposed to start urinating more frequently around 5 weeks, but I have been getting away with it. I think it has begun.

Peeing and Puking. That's me from now on I guess.

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