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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Out of Stock

I was so excited to go and buy my grandmother's walker yesterday, but they were out of stock. The guy that works there took my details and told me he'd try to source one for me or let me know when the new stock arrives either today or tomorrow. I really hope I can get one for her. He also mentioned the price and it's a bit more than I originally thought, but I don't mind. I was just so excited to give it to her.

I finally got the bio-oil I've been threatening to get it and then forgot to put it on after I got out the shower! I spoilt myself and bought myself some exfoliating face wash and a new moisturiser because my nose has been dry and flaky for a while and it looks horrible. When I went to have my eyebrows waxed the beautician asked me if I had sunburn (in the WINTER?!). It looks much better today. So even though they didn't have what I wanted at the pharmacy, I spent R350.00 there anyway. It's a HUGE discount pharmacy and they have loads of stuff. You can't walk out of there without having spent some money.

I hope to have my hair seen to soon as well as the regrowth is really starting to bug me. I'm going to wait till I've had my next gynae appointment first though.

I'm still excited about moving, but didn't bother to actually do anything yet. I'm so lazy. Perhaps I'll dig in the garage tonight and put a box together or something. I'm super excited about getting the new rug and will definitely take 'before' and 'after' pictures of our lounge. Perhaps I should make a turn there and ask them to keep the rug and cushions for me. I don't want to have another 'out of stock' experience.

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