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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I was feeling so utterly horrible last night. I had just eaten some mashed potato (which I felt like) and realized that I had put WAY too much salt in it. I felt SO sick last night. I burst into tears. Rudi completely blew me away by saying the right things and comforting me. He is not very good at that. He spoke to me nicely and recommended I take a hot bath or shower to make myself feel better. It did. I felt a lot better. He then made me a cup of hot chocolate - which made me feel a little worse, but I asked for it and didn't have the heart to tell him.

I went to buy the rug I fell in love with last night. I also bought the scatter cushions that are going to tie the rug in with my decor. The rug is rolled up and ready to be moved so I don't have a picture of it, but I have a crappy picture of the cushions. It was taken with my cell phone in bad light so the colour isn't great and it's grainy, but here they are:

The blue matches the blue in the carpet and the purple ties in with my curtains.

The sickness I was feeling really put a damper on my purchase though. Usually spending such a large amount of money would at least have me excited about my purchase and I was happy, but I was not bouncing like I should be.

Just had a lovely chat with a colleague who had her baby last year. She was genuinely interested in how I'm doing and gave me a few tips.

Please God let this morning sickness go away soon.

11 weeks today!

P.S. No news about the walker yet.

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