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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

1st Appointment

Rudi and I went for the first gynae appointment yesterday. He seems like a really nice doctor and he practices in Panorama which is a nice hospital. We had a scan and saw the baby for the first time. It looks like a little jelly bean right now. The doctor said the heartbeat is nice and strong and the baby is moving around so everything looks good.

He says that I'm about 9 weeks along and predicted the due date on Rudi's birthday (18 March 2009).

He prescribed some vitamins for me to take and something to help with the nausea. I have an appointment with another doctor on 15 September, but I think I want to stick to this doctor. He is sweet and friendly and nice. I'll phone his office to see when I can get my next appointment.

I'll see if I can somehow upload the scan pictures, but I'm scared to try and scan it because I'm not sure if the scanner will heat up the paper and turn it black. Anyone know if you can scan a scan? LOL


Apparently you can! Click on the picture to enlarge. The head is on the right hand side. In the third picture the cloudy part going up is the umbilical chord.

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