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Monday, 25 August 2008

The Last Week

The weekend was boring. We didn't do much, but Rudi spent more time with me this weekend since Crack Head neighbour was away (I couldn't believe my luck!).

It's our last week where we live. We'll be moving next weekend. I'm dreading it. The last time we moved I felt so overwhelmed I wanted to sit in a heap and cry. A lot of people have said they would come and help us, but we'll need to wait and see. I saw a beautiful rug at furniture city that I want to buy. It's a thousand bucks, but it's gorgeous and I want it! I don't know whether I should just go and buy it now...or wait till we move. If I buy it now it's just one more thing that I have to move and I'm sure it's pretty heavy.

I feel like crap this morning. Since I opened my eyes I've felt really sick. I don't know HOW I got through brushing my teeth without hurling, but I did. I felt so sick that I couldn't speak. Opening my mouth felt like an invitation to my stomach to lurch. Rudi's mother says she had morning sickness for the whole 9 months with all 4 of her children :(

I had a dream this weekend that we went for a scan with the new gynae and it was a boy. Rudi has two brothers and a sister. All of them have children. All the children are boys. I wonder if there is something to that. His mother says she's ready for a girl now. She seems to think we'll have another child (she noted this after I said 'So this is your last chance for a girl huh?'). One is enough for me though.

I've managed to eat some pronutro and one or two salticrax. I just hope I feel better soon. At least the fact that I'm sick means that my pregnancy is still on track and the baby is OK.

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