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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ready or Not

It looks like those tablets for the morning sickness were working a little after all. From the moment I opened my eyes this morning I knew it was futile. I knew while I was putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush that I wouldn't be able to finish the job without going into the next room to kneel down and be humbled by something the size of a pea.

Ultimately I feel better after the ritual, but I loathe going through it. Especially in the morning when there is nothing in my stomach but air and acid. I try to be as loud as possible, perhaps I could evoke some sympathy from the inflicter of all of this, alas...not a word of sympathy spoken.

How am I supposed to milk this if he's not paying attention?!

Shame, he does get up to make things for me and goes to the shop when I feel like something specific. I think I might get over it if he didn't though. I would prefer if he held my hair out of the toilet and rubbed my back while I'm throwing up. As far as I know he's not one of those squeamish types that throws up when other people why not?

EMACT is sending me the free nappies she promised :) She's also giving me lots of advice. I kind of relate to her situation a lot, even though I'm married. For me, getting pregnant was a big surprise. Somehow I thought I was immune, or that I had more time to be stupid and do irresponsible things. I was even avoiding the 'fertile' days on the ovulation calculator! Girls - don't ever say it won't happen to you! Expensive Mistakes was busy studying and focusing on her future. I was working on my career (slowly OK) and being frivolous. I thought children were many years into my future.

Here I am pregnant though. Ready or not. My life is about to change big time. I'm scared.

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