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Tuesday, 01 July 2008


I'm slightly annoyed with what I do and what I do not know at the moment. I hate feeling so ambiguous. One moment I am excited and positive...then next I feel despondent and negative.

I want to know things for sure. I don't like being unsure of things and feeling like I'm in the dark, especially with something like this. I want to be in full control and I want to be able to make decisions regarding this...this...situation.

I wish I could just talk about it...and I guess this should be the one place where I CAN talk about it, but if I'm wrong it is potentially embarassing.

I'm sick of it. The suspense is killing me. I hate this.

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Unknown said...

pitter patter of little feet?? or am I just overly excited?? hehe good luck with whatever it is.