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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


OK. So I cheated a little with my weigh in this morning. When I first stepped on the scale it said I had gained 1.2kg. I refused to believe it and got on again. +600g. Stepped on again, no gain, no loss. Stepped on again, no gain, no loss. I weighed like 5 times consecutively and 3 out of those 5 it said no gain, no loss. I think that wins, OK?

I really wish the side effects of the cortisone injection I got would go away. I'm still suffering from insomnia, wake up with heartburn every morning and am starving ALL THE TIME. I'm hungry right now. I had a slice of toast at around 6AM. It's 2 hours and 10 minutes later and I feel like I haven't eaten for an entire day. It's SO difficult because I'm trying to avoid eating so that I don't screw up my weight loss, but I'm HUNGRY! The doctor also warned that I might retain water. Yesterday I drank my full water quota (1.5 litres) and I only went to the loo twice. That's unusual, so it must still be hanging around somewhere in my body. Although...I totally have PMS so weight gain, water retention and hunger all come along with that as well.

Also, my left wrist is really sore. When I had German measles in 2007 all my joints ached so that I could barely walk. Sometimes my ankles still hurt, but since yesterday its been my left wrist. It's difficult to lift things and stuff. Plus my muscles in my back are starting to ache like they did before and I'm kind of worried that I'm getting sick again. Maybe I'm still getting better. Who knows?

I still need to decide where to get my tattoo. I thought I had decided to put it under the butterfly I already have, but quite a few people have said they don't think that's a good idea. My (conservative) grandfather included! My grandfather feels that it is a commemorative tattoo and if the intention is that I am to be reminded of James that I should have it somewhere where I can see it. He suggested the inside of my arm, but I'm not fond of that. I told him that I had considered having it done on my wrist and he thought that a good idea. Sarah also suggested my wrist, as did Leebeesa. Consensus seems to be that it would be a good place to have it. Rudi didn't like the idea at first, but conceded last night that it would be a good spot. Wenchy recently had a Yin Yang symbol tattooed on her wrist so I asked her how much it hurt...apparently it hurts a lot. *shrug* I suppose it can't be worse than induced labour.

3 more sleeps till George!


Squidsquirts said...

Personal opinion: The wrist is very noticeable, so I'd go for somewhere more subtle, like the back, or shoulder. Also- Where there is more flesh, there is less pain- anklesa nd wrists hurt terribly, so I'm told...

Oink said...

Are your scales electronic? If so, they may need to be reset. You can do this by standing on them briefly to switch them on and then letting them switch off on zero. Then weigh yourself.

I suggest you eat porridge for breakfast. Starvation diets aren't sustainable and if I only ate a piece of toast at 6am I'd be starving much sooner afterwards. (I lost 3 stone last year, by the way and a good porridge breakfast was a key factor in this.)

acidicice said...

@husbandsanon: I'm more confused than I was this morning!
@Oink: Welcome back! I'm really not starving myself. I usually manage fine with a slice of toast in the morning and usually only get hungry again around 11AM until which time I push till lunch time before having a satisfying lunch. My scale is an electronic one. I stepped off each time and let it switch off before getting on again. I just went with the most consistent answer :)

AngelConradie said...

Wrist is noticeable, so you might want to consider what other people will see... my next ones are planned for my wrists and inner arm.
Ink does hurt- and you know that since you have one- and honestly, I forget how much it hurts until I have another one.

Wenchy said...

Nothing subtle about me which is why I chose wrist.

The top part, towards the hand hurt more than the bottom halve, but you will manage I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I have one on my wrist and didn't feel a single bit of pain, nothing, just the feeling of the needle but no pain at all. I don't get why people think tattoos hurt, maybe on your eyeball yeah.....

didn't you mention the back of youe neck once? i think that's a cool spot, but if you wanna see it what about above your hip