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Friday, 03 April 2009


I literally fell out of bed this morning. It was funny, but not really funny at the time so much. I got up, and obviously didn't do it very well and I tipped over against the wall. I righted myself and then tripped over the wires next to my bed. No serious injuries. Not even a bruise, I think. Despite the manner in which I was rudely awoken...I am in a fantastic mood today! I have a vibey song stuck in my head and I can't help shaking "it" every now and then...

I have *no* idea why...but I am not going to complain! I can't remember the last time I felt like this! Positive and happy (even wearing my Clinique Happy today)...just marvellous! I'm obviously also happy because it's Friday and I can finally have a lie in tomorrow morning.

There was a slight 'hiccup' with my bonus calculation. I received a poor score for something I *know* I do properly...Jubba has been investigating for a the last 3 days. This morning we checked together and they were wrong! The report was incorrect and I scored 100% instead of 81%. In your faces! I knew it!

Phew...a lot of "!" for one post :)

No huge plans for the weekend. I'm looking forward to Sarah and Brad's housewarming tomorrow night. We also have a Chief Apostle service on Sunday - which only starts at 10...another little lie in on Sunday then.

We just received free t-shirts from work and mine actually fits. It's definitely my day today. The workload doesn't even look too heavy. I am going to play the lotto today. This lucky streak is too good to waste!

On a side note...I really have to find a better way of organizing my earrings and necklaces:

I thought buying this stand thingie would really help so that my necklaces don't get tangled and knotted (Rudi eventually started refusing to de-tangle and un-knot them)...but I've acquired so many earrings and things in the interim...the above happened. Also, this little stand doesn't hold my stud earrings. Any have a workable idea for me?


AngelConradie said...

I love jewellery trees!!!
Yay for the bonus and the T!!!

Anonymous said...

You might want to hang a little pouch/bag off it with your studs inside.

Anonymous said...

hmm the pouch suggestion is a good idea, or put the studs in a pretty little box next to the stand.

Yay for your good mood, hope it lasts the whole weekend :) it's so liberating to feel happy again huh :)


Wenchy said...

Hey. Am glad you are feeling so happy.

I wear Clinique's Aromatics and don't like the Happy one at all.

Hope playing the lotto pays!

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you so happy :)

I looked at my jeweler just this morning and realized I need to do something to sort it out