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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ovulating - ACK!

So...the ovulation pain I'm experiencing this month is ridiculous! I was *so* sore last night that I had to stay home from church. Normal movements hurt! How am I supposed to forget about getting pregnant when my body is screaming at me that it is time to try? We haven't. Tried, that is. I checked my ovulation microscope this morning. I shouldn't have, but I did. To make sure this wretched pain is due to ovulation and nothing else. Urgh. You know this doesn't happen when you're on the pill. Rudi seems to be excited by the fact that I am in excrutiating pain and has decided it's time to make hay while the sun is shining. He doesn't seem to understand that bouncing around is only going to add to my discomfort...but he has a point, doesn't he? How do you expect to magically get pregnant without actually...well...doing what it takes?

I'm really excited about an order I want to place. I'm going to have to keep it on the down low since it involves a certain someone that reads my blog - but I'm excited!

In case you were wondering, work has slowed down somewhat. It's much more manageable now, but still busy.

Leebeesa brought me some gifts from her trip overseas. I'll post some photos ASAP. I want to take photos with my actual camera as cell phone pics often do not do them justice.

Gotta run!

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Anonymous said...

Really, pain? I hope I don't get that when I start trying. It must spoil the fun somewhat.