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Tuesday, 07 April 2009

-1.2 kg

Oh YAY! I honestly thought that the scale was going to swear at me this morning. Despite the fact that I drank my water last week and exercised. So I've not only shaken off that 200g I picked up last week...I've lost an extra kilo as well! Now I've officially lost 7kg since I started! That is...14 blocks of margarine! I am very proud of myself! I cannot remember the last time I've lost 7kg. When I was on Weight Watchers almost 5 years ago I think I lost around 6kg before giving up.

Last night, on a whim, we walked from our place to my grandparents house. It has to be at least 3 - 4 kilometres and includes a hill I didn't think I would make it up. The whole walk took us arund 37 minutes which really isn't too bad. If I could do that once a week and lose weight I would do it!

Rudi seems to be on his own little mission. Last night I was asked how many days ago my last cycle started and he started counting things. I'm not sure what he thinks he's doing. He is still counting 14 days - which is technically incorrect as I have a longer (and irregular) cycle (at the moment). I suppose it's really sweet that he's trying...but he clearly didn't get the message when I told him I'm not. I tried to convey this to him last night again. I explained to him how I am feeling and that it really hurts a lot to be disappointed each month. He doesn't seem to understand *why* I'm disappointed each month. I guess I shouldn't expect him to understand.

So as I'm shifting my focus I've been trying to concentrate on the good things in life. The freedom I can enjoy before I have a child. The things I most likely take for granted now. Being able to sleep, drink, watch TV, spend time with Rudi, sexy time and basically everything I do now. Everyone knows babies change your entire life, forever even if they don't live.

So another busy day at work. This new product is driving me nuts! Hopefully today will fly by like the rest. Being busy really helps for that.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!

BioniKat said...

Most men are trainee gynaecologists!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS update you are sounding good. We need pics of you, bet you are looking great!

Briget said...

Such awesome news.. Congrats!!

Perhaps I should take a leaf from your book and pull my finger outta my ass and get back into shape..

will think about it... ;-)

addie said...

Well done!!!

I need to do something about my weight, but I am so tired of trying and never getting very far!!!

AngelConradie said...

That is so awesome!!!