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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Fluffy post (MEME)

Since my blog has been a bit "doomy and gloomy" lately I decided to do what Angel would call a 'fluffy' post. Exmi did a post once about the contents of her handbag. I thought that would be fun...although I shudder to think about what I might discover.

As a side note, Rudi and I went to watch Transporter 3 last night. Jason Statham is smoulderingly hot and takes his shirt off quite a few times. Yum! I'm enjoying charting with fertility friend and remembering to take my temperature in the mornings (OK, two so far). I kind of like charts.

A little background on my handbag: It was bought for me by a friend and colleague for my kitchen tea. It's a good quality handbag - hence me being able to use it for so long. I like BIG handbags, as you will discover - I carry a lot of crap around. I also like handbags with lots of compartments so that I can try to maintain some order. I fail miserably at this. Lets see what's inside...

    My wallet
    My car keys
    355ml bottle of contact lense solution (haven't gotten my hands on the travel size)
    A box of matches (what for?)
    Panado tablets (24's)
    Pocket pack tissues (10)
    Small ring wire breast cancer note pad
    Spare car key
    512MB flash drive
    Small plastic hairbrush
    Clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder
    Two identity books (married surname and maiden surname)
    Contact lense case
    Cell phone (Sony Ericsoon W850i)
    Handsfree kit for my cell phone
    Canderel (which I don't drink)
    Individually wrapped Spur sweets (which I don't eat)
    Illiadin Nasal Spray (Works like a bomb, but can be addictive. Excessive use, ironically, will cause congestion)
    Make up bag make up bag contains:

    Dental floss
    Large nail clipper
    Clinique lip liner
    L'Oreal Infallible lip colour
    Nail file
    Hair grips
    Labello lip gloss
    A plastic fold up fork (WHY?!)
    Maybelline Watershine Elixer
    Small square mirror
    Christmas shopping list (STILL!)
    Clinique combination lip gloss/fragrance (Happy)
    Various lipsticks and lip glosses all nearly the same shade

My wallet contains:

    Driver's license
    Liquid Gel Ink blue pen
    Empty plastic SD card holder
    R8.05 in small change
    FNB debit card
    FNB credit card
    Sun International gambling card
    Clicks Club Card
    Discovery Health membership card
    Ster-Kinekor movie club card
    Woolworths card
    Edgars card
    Edgars credit card
    Mr. Video card
    Dis-Chem loyalty card
    Spec Savers loyalty card
    Old Mr. Video card
    Clinique club card

Believe it or not, I still have a thick stack of cards lying at home that simply didn't fit into my wallet anymore.

That was definitely not as scary as I thought it would be! Now...I tag Angel, Jenty and Wenchy to do it too! If you want to and I haven't tagged you, link back in the comments.


Wenchy said...

I did not even know Edgars had a credit card

Brian Tristam Williams said...

Holy Moly, girl. Seems you need to get a life - you spent time itemising and documenting your handbag contents for your blog?


acidicice said...

Wenchy...EVERYWHERE has a credit card. Cash and account businesses have figured out that credit cards yield higher interest. It's backed my standard bank though, so it's technically a standard bank credit card with Edgars branding on it.

briantw - I'll get right on it. Where does one obtain this 'life' thing?

Brian Tristam Williams said...

Not sure, acidice. I wasn't listening while my girlfriend was explaining - I was too busy reading about the contents of your bag.

acidicice said...

A word of advice, briantw...listen to your girlfriend. She'll cotton on that you're not eventually and then the amount of shit you're in shouldn't be attributed to your morbid fascination with the contents of my bag.

In was quite a lame thing to blog about. Kudos for not just lurking.

AngelConradie said...

oh my word- you did your wallet too!??!?
i'll tackle ths one later today...

acidicice said...

I figured the contents of my handbag turned out to be quite meagre and decided to extend the post :)