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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Busy Busy!

I have had so much work today I have felt completely overwhelmed. I also wanted to get a few personal things done. Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing it's tail. I keep running and running, but I don't get anywhere!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped lurking and left a comment lately. I've been receiving comments from some people that I didn't even know were reading. Hi! *waves*

I still fully intend on going for a walk tonight. My muscles are quite tense and I found that the walk the other night relieved that. I'm finding it extremely easy to drink my water now that I've added some lime cordial to the mix. I really, really hate drinking water and used to suffer with it immensely. My water is now finished half way through the day! I am super proud of myself!

Amidst finishing my work I have managed to sort out a few things I intended on doing. I made a hair appointment for Saturday morning. I finally found a hairdressed that doesn't expect me to pay her in limbs. She works from home and obviously doesn't have the kind of overheads they have at salons. My hair is an absolute mess! I have roots that scream "She's not really blonde!" and split ends that are heading north. I'm SO relieve to finally have pulled finger and made time to do this.

I've also check up on my service plan and determined that the next service on my car will be the last covered by the plan. I've requested a sales assistance to call me back so that we can discuss extending my service plan further. Another check box ticked!

Having done all of this I set up a list of work related objectives that we are expected to achieve this month. In other words I just made more work for myself. Sadly most of my team could not be bothered to do anything so it is generally quite difficult to get anyone off their bum to contribute. People probably expect me to pull all the weight because I have so much of it. HA HA. Only kidding. There are is someone bigger than me in my team, believe it or not!

I better get my A into G and get my work finished. I'm leaving work very soon and I have some work left to do! Eeek!


Anonymous said...

I've tried a few times to comment in the past, but either I've worked out how to do so or you've changed the settings, but I was never able to before.

acidicice said...

I seem to remember you commenting before a long time ago...but I'm glad you're able to now :)

Anonymous said...

On your other blog, though, not this one. I'm glad that I'm able to comment on here too now :)

acidicice said...

I thought 'oink' sounded familiar, but if I remember was only one or two oinks before?