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Wednesday, 03 June 2009

My Evil Mother and Grandfather updates

So. Great news! My grandfather's colon is cancer free. He is so elated by this news that he is even considering another round of chemo instead of the operation on his liver. The chemo will make him very ill, but he feels he will still be able to work when he is having chemo whereas he will be off work for a full month if he has the operation to remove the cancer from his liver. He'll be seeing a specialist in about a week to discuss his options and take things from there.

I took them out to dinner last night to celebrate his health, their 47 year wedding anniversary, his birthday (which is on the 13th of June) and to thank him for looking after Amber while we were away. We had a nice quiet dinner. It was lovely.

My Evil Mother is up to her old tricks. Her husband let it slip that my aunt could afford to 'lose her pension' as she works from home. Just goes to show what they must have been scheming about. My aunt's pension, which she worked hard for. My Evil Mother is still living with my aunt and uncle, although her husband was kicked out after one too many drunken tantrums at all hours of the morning. She tried to get him back in with promises of money (seeing as how they don't pay rent or contribute in any way) and some luxury food items. Luckily, for once, my uncle stood firm and kept by his decision. My Evil Mother has been hell to live with ever since. Rudi could not believe the way My Evil Mother spoke to my uncle in his own house. If My Evil Mother is really that desperate to be with her husband, then she should go and stay with him and his mother. My Evil Mother has told us horror stories of how his mother is evil and how she is an alcoholic. I think the actual story is that she is much more demanding about incoming contributions and them pulling their weight than my aunt and uncle are.

My Evil Mother *loves* throwing our religion/beliefs in our faces. She'll often say things like 'God doesn't sleep' - she seems totally oblivious to the fact that the same applies to her. Sometimes it's funny, but for people like my grandfather and my uncle who both hold ministries within the church the guilt trip she takes them along for is often effective. Last Wednesday in church she went as far as to keep her communion wafer and to shove it in my uncle's hand after church saying 'You need it more than I do'. I cracked up when I heard this. I'm actually quite sure my uncle - who was giving her a lift home from church at the time, the selfish bastard - might have cracked up also. He has a good sense of humour. My grandparents on the other hand, didn't think it was funny.

It is beyond me that My Evil Mother is still a free woman. The amount of fraud she has committed...and I'm only aware of a portion of it...must be substantial. Her ethics have always come in to question where she was employed. Just recently she went to work for a company. She had been there for less than a week and was given the company credit card to buy coffee, tea and a few other office supplies. She ended up spending R2500.00 and buying clothes and shoes for her husband. WHO DOES THAT?!

Did I ever tell you that she faked her suicide once because I refused to draw R500.00 and 'lend' it to her? This was before my eyes opened to her ways and I was in a total panic. I even phoned the police. She came home with a total BS story that didn't even make sense about how she had parked her car on the side of one of the national roads and put a pipe from the exhaust into the window (nothing blocking the open gaps in the window to prevent ventilation - DUH), she also claimed the pipe and everything were already in the car. Some 'valiant' man pulled over, took her to hospital and paid the bill apparently. What a load of bull.


I'm working in another portfolio today. I hate this portfolio. More often than not the feedback I have to give customers is negative and they usually get angry. It's not a nice way to spend a day. I'm the only one in my team who hasn't had a turn yet, so by default I have to go over today. Suck!


Squidsquirts said...

Families are so screwed up- you couldn't invent this stuff. Mine is also full of 'interesting' events.
Still: You have come through it remarkably unscathed, and you aren't allowing her emotional abuse to screw you up, so stay strong!

acidicice said...

LOL. You're right, I couldn't make this stuff up!
I keep waiting for a switch to flip and for me to turn into My Evil Mother. I'm so afraid her craziness is in my genes!

Anonymous said...

Yikes your mother sounds like a real piece of work! Similar to mine in fact, where everything is someone else's fault and everyone owes her something.

I have written mine out of my life and refuse to have anything to do with her.

It is so hard to have such toxic people in your life.

You are right WHO DOES THAT!?

acidicice said...

Well, for the sake of my family and the gatherings we may have I tolerate her and am civil to her, but she knows well enough not to dare ask me for anything. Toxic - good word!

TexasBobbi said...

Wow, what a piece of work. She won't even go live with her own husband. What does that say about their marriage?

acidicice said...

Marriage was a farce from the beginning. I'm surprised that they aren't divorced yet. 'Seperated' I suppose.

AngelConradie said...

Oh lawdy... can't you all disown her? I know its not very Christian, but then she'd have to go and disturb someone else!

Wenchy said...

Your grandfather and I share a birthday!

oink said...

Have you thought that others in your family might feel they can't disown her for your sake? They might feel they owe it to you as her daughter and might take the opportunity to have nothing more to do with her if you take the lead.
Congratulations on your grandfather, also.