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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kak day

Ugh. Working in that crappy portfolio again today. When I am I just feel like saying FML. I positively hate it and have had more than one person shout at me today already. SO frustrating. I would much rather just work in my own portfolio, but we take turns serving our time in this one. It's my turn.

To top it off I'm sick. For the past few days I've had a cold and I feel yucky. The worst part for me is the blocked nose. It KILLS me. I can't stand not being able to breathe properly. I'm coping quite well without medication. Last month when I was sick I spent R2000.00 on doctor's appointments and medication. I can't afford to deplete my medical aid anymore, especially if I get pregnant this year I will need what I have left. Poor Rudi hasn't even been considered into the equation.

He said the sweetest thing yesterday. They were talking about 'The Golden Ratio' on Oprah last night and how they measured the proportions of celebrities faces to calculate their ratio. The highest scoring celebrity was Brad Pitt, he scored over 9. Angelina Jolie scored between 7 and 8. I thought aloud and said 'I wonder what mine would be' and he turned around without missing a beat and said '9.9'. LOL. Sweet of him. Obviously not true, but sweet. Nobody has ever scored a perfect 10. I suppose he took that into consideration when he bestowed his compliment.

Ugh. I better get done with the work I have to do for today. FML.


Wenchy said...

i also watched that show last night. cute comment from him

Rox said...

Shame chick - sounds like my week last week!

My sinuses were buggered for ages after my flu, was driving me insane!

Hope the week gets better from here on out, and get better soon!

Anonymous said...

awww wish I also had someone who'd say sweet things like that, nice :)
Also watched it, wish Oprah had asked which female celeb had the highest ratio.

AngelConradie said...

Aaaaaww... Rudi's such a sweetie!

PorkStar said...

Hey there, been trying to catch up on your blog. Feel better.