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Sunday, 07 June 2009

My Sucky Weekend

On Friday night we went to my grandparents to have some soup. Whenever they want us to visit my grandfather phones with promises of soup. He knows food lures Rudi...and well I don't really need luring. I'm blogging from home since I anticipate work is going to suck again tomorrow. Every day they take at least half our team to help out that portfolio I hate, saying we're 'overstaffed'. Meanwhile, this just puts more pressure on us to work harder and I feel like we're working at a pace we cannot maintain without burning out.

On Saturday we drove all the way to Somerset West to have a braai with Lindor. It was his 41st birthday. Of course I was bored out of my mind the ENTIRE time and more than annoyed. I didn't really want to go in the first place...but again didn't want to be the bad guy. Of course everyone else got shitfaced and I stayed sober since it was a very long drive home on a road riddled with roadworks.

The whole day Rudi was threatening to throw people in the pool. Predictably, he got shoved into the pool. With his phone in his pocket. I was SO freaking angry! Such an expensive childish prank! PLUS all his clothes were drenched and it's not like he brought extra clothes with him. He couldn't understand why I was mad at him. If he had kept his trap shut, nobody would have considered throwing anyone in the pool, it is winter after all! Needless to say his phone is completely screwed. It also turns out he sold the spare phone he had. So now he has NO phone. No way for me to contact him. No way for him to contact me and tell me whether he will be on time or late to pick me up at work. In my panic to get his battery out of his phone (the first thing you should do if your phone falls into water) I walked into a thatch lapa. The specific corner of the thatch has chicken wire over it and I now have a lovely gash in my forehead. It's not huge, but it's there and very obvious. I was asked a million times today what happened to my head. Rudi thinks I'm completely irrational...whereas I feel I have good reason to be completely annoyed! To crown it all we got lost on the way home. I HATE being lost. I never drive out that way so I had no idea where we were and Rudi was very much so 'under the weather' so he wasn't of much help. He directed us to Gordon's Bay...luckily I picked it up before we got all the way there. So my Saturday sucked crack.

Next weekend will also suck crack since I'm working the entire weekend. Then I'm working alone on the public holiday on the 16th of June. No chance of getting out of work early like in the good old days.

Today wasn't too bad. Rudi went with me to church (a miracle in itself) and we had lunch with his parents after. A relaxed day all in all. I can't believe I had to go to work again tomorrow...and the day after that and the next 10 days after that. Farg.


Anonymous said...

hope you have a better week ahead of you! :-)

AngelConradie said...

Oy... how's your head now?

acidicice said...

Totally fine! I was just being dramatic so I could get some sympathy from Rudi!