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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Lent for Liam (2)

I have made my first contribution for Lent for Liam this morning. A colleague of mine has pledged to contribute R200.00 per month.

I received the following e-mail from Liam's mom this morning:

Dear friends - Thank you for your comments and pledges of support on my blog... and Meriel's vision.

Banking details for Lent for Liam is now functional, adminstered by our resident accountant, Melany.

LJ Cadger
Standard Bank
Branch: Norwood
Account Number: 006867480

Reference: Your Name / E-mail

**NB* we are setting up a paypal account **NB***

Thank you.... millions.


I will post the details of the Paypal account as soon as I have them. Please take the time to read the Lent For Liam post and open your heart to these wonderful people.


Wenchy said...

Thank you... again.

AngelConradie said...

Very cool indeed! My post goes up tomorrow.
I wish I'd had the savvy to try something like this when the knucklehead was still at school...

acidicice said...

I hope it works out for her. It looks like things are going well according to the Facebook group.

Shayne said...

just popping over from Wenchy's blog to scrape together all the pledges received!

Wenchy said...

hey... paypal details is up! :)