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Friday, 09 May 2008


It's been a rough week, TGIF

Today is a day of relief for me! I'm relieved that the week is over and that I am off this weekend. I can't wait to sleep late till 07:30 tomorrow morning. I feel very tired and I hope that I will get some rest this weekend.

I could *kiss* my brown boots. I hobbled out of work yesterday. Last time I checked, hobbling was not sexy, no matter how hot your boots are. Sarah is still trying to convince me it will be better if I just keep wearing them, I'm still trying to convince myself to wear them again. So today I am decidedly comfortable in my new brown boots. They have a 5 and a half centimetre wedge heel which feels like I am walking on air in comparison to my new black boots.

On the other hand my hair has been driving me nuts. My roots are growing out again and I'm all out of patience with the maintenance. I've considered asking a hair stylist to dye my hair the colour of my roots because I have no intention of growing it out or shaving my head. Growing my natural colour out would take more than 5 years I'll bet and before that time has passed I will have attacked it with peroxide once more. My natural colour is dark blonde/light brown (as far as I remember), but it is also a lot darker than I have been wearing my hair for many years. Blonde hair suits me, it really does and I love my hair at the moment - I just couldn't be bothered with the cost and effort of maintaining it.

It costs me between R300 and R450 to colour my hair. Every time. Regardless of whether I'm touching up my roots or whether I'm having my hair coloured, cut and styled. I am willing to bet that the price has increased (along with inflation/fuel costs/food costs, etc.) since I last had my hair done.

Deep down inside I am a girly-girl (despite the fact that I can't seem to cope with heels) and I don't like having my roots show and looking grungy.

*sigh* I think I might just take the plunge and make it my 'natural colour'.


The girls in our team went to the shops during lunch. I decided to join them as I had not yet bought a mother's day gift for My Evil Mother or my grandmother. I managed to pick up something for each of them...and of course, a gift from me to me:

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