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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Happiness is...

I am so happy I could jump up and down, sing and twirl around!

A colleague just gave me a lift to my bank branch and I FINALLY paid off my overdraft! R4 000 less debt in one big chop! I took out the overdraft originally to assist with my trip overseas (which I should never have taken in the first place). That was almost 5 years ago. I was meant to pay it back as soon as I got back, but that never happened. I've been living on revolving credit for AGES. Today I did it. Today I paid it off and closed it. I spoke about this liberating feeling before...I feel almost physically lighter (I wish THAT was the case!)

It all starts with baby steps. I made a decision this morning that I would be saving towards having lasic eye surgery. Discovery Health (my medical aid) deems lasic eye surgery as 'cosmetic' and doesn't cover it. I'm not quite sure how they equate being able to see to being vain...but who am I to judge? They would rather fork out thousands a year on contact lenses or new glasses. Idiots.

The second thing I am stoked about is my new camera:

It's a Fuji Finepix F480 8.2MP camera. It has all sorts of features that I still needs to figure out. I'm especially enjoying the macro feature on it right now. My photography skills are seriously lacking, but maybe having a decent camera will help. Something else I love about it is that it does not work with normal AA batteries, but has a lithium ion battery.

I'm also a bit excited about the move happening at work. Our department (and a few others) is moving to a new building which has been revamped for us. Right now I'm sitting in a windowless office and the new building apparently has wonderful big windows that let in lots of light. Colleagues that have seen the new building have said it is very smart, but that our desks are considerably smaller than they currently are. We're not currently sitting at full sized's hard to imagine them being any smaller. I'll take pictures (with my new camera) of the old office and the new and then I'll decide. I should be going to see the new building some time today.

There are some issues with the new building, it's only a block away but in a considerably more dangerous area. Currently we enjoy completely secure parking, whereas the new building has no secure parking. This is a big concern for the employees because of the risk the new area poses. The company has offered a shuttle service every 15 minutes, but as some of the people going there are shift workers and work over weekends this might not cater for everybody at all times.

I'm sure everything will work out in the end. I'm just going to chill on Cloud 9 here for a while.

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