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Thursday, 08 May 2008

Going Loco

Image courtesy of Flor Del Aqua

I must have seriously lost my mind. If anybody sees it, please keep it captive and post a comment. We can work out the logistics one you've found it.

Last night I wore the sexy black boots to church. I forgot that the service starts with about 15 minutes of standing. Pure unadulterated standing. When I got home I unzipped feet were still screaming 'Not the mommy!' - they hate me.

So what do I do this morning? I put them on again. I co-ordinated my outfit to match my boots again and I wore them again. I've decided to test the theory that I'll 'get used to it'. I don't buy that bull for one second! I only have this pair though, so I'm not sure if I should buy different pairs - to vary my wardrobe and 'get used to them' - or whether I should wear them as much as possible (even at home) as recommended by a colleague. Is this how shoe addictions start?

So this morning I have no mind and there is a fire in my boot. It burns!

Check out this article about the effects of wearing high heels.

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