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Monday, 30 June 2008

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching!

No news on the suspicion might be up to a week before I'll know for sure. Don't worry, I'll splurge the news on my blog as soon as I know!

I had a chance encounter with an estate agent over the weekend. I e-mailed her our requirements this morning. I haven't heard back from her. I hope she doesn't ignore me because she sees me as 'that drunk chick at the bbq'. Hey! I didn't lug out the tequila. Ok, nobody poured it down my throat...but I haven't had as much fun in a long time. I danced like nobody was watching!

The occasion was the housewarming of my neighbour that hasn't actually moved yet. Weird, I know. I left a little earlier than Rudi did as I had to go to church on Sunday morning and Rudi was on one of his binges again. I was not impressed with Rudi at all as his drunk ass forgot some of our stuff there (camping chairs, etc.)

We went shopping for groceries on Saturday. We bought 1 trolley full of goods. Not luxuries like chips, sweets, chocolate and ice cream. Food and a few toiletries. We didn't even buy many cleaning products...the bill came to two and a half THOUSAND RAND! OH.MY.FURRY.HAT. I nearly fainted! We did manage to buy a lot of meat, but for pete's sake. Seriously? My budget is completely in it's glory thanks to that little shopping trip.

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